Friday, March 13, 2009

Favorite Item of the Day!

My favorite item today are these great polymer clay eggs (photo above)! They are called 5 rainbow quail eggs with polymer clay filigree from Starless's shop. They come in bright shades of raspberry, tangerine, sunflower yellow, spring green, and turquoise. They are made with shimmery polymer clay and all hand rolled pieces. Starless has so many great polymer clay items including pens, keychains, ornaments, piggy banks and more. Go check out Starless's shop for all of her great pieces! Below are a few more items from Starless's shop.


TheClayMuse said...

I absolutely love finding new polyclay artisits and seeing all the awesome things they do with the medium I love!
Thanks so much for pointing out her shop, those koi are awesome!

Cinna said...

I just love the colors and the texture of the pieces. Thank you for posting.


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