Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year! I hope 2008 was a good year for everyone, and I hope 2009 will be even better! Were hoping to go visit some friends a little later, if my husband can get the furnace fixed ;) Hope everyone has a safe and fun night! See you next year.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Some new items and some of my favorite shops!

Today I added Pearly Pink Earrings and Stretchy Froggy Bracelet to my etsy shop . I have still slowly been trying to work on improving my photos. I also wanted to let you know about a few of my favorite shops. They all have great work from different medias. I love looking at other peoples work it is so inspiring. Go check them out:

Saturday, December 6, 2008

New Pink Silver Necklace

There's a new necklace at my etsy shop! Pink Silver Necklace looks great long or double it up to make a fun different look! I decided I wanted to make a necklace that was different then any others in my shop. I loved the layered look so that's why I thought this necklace was great. It's also nice because it has no clasp to deal with so its great for when your in a rush.

My weekend is going so fast already. This morning we had a brunch to go to and then I have doing odds and ends around the house. It's crazy how fast time goes by. I was able to squeeze in a movie at least. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Friday, December 5, 2008

New Slim Pearly Pink Necklace

Today I added the Slim Pearly Pink Necklace to my etsy shop. I think it matches great with the Pearly Pink Bracelet. Lately I have been working on updating and improving my photos. I think for the most part they are turning out pretty good. I at least know that they are an improvement from the older ones. There's always room for much more improvement. It seems I learn new things daily, and my perspective changes with it. I also have been trying to add a new item everyday or at least renew one. Hope everyone has a great weekend. I think its supposed to snow everyday here in Minnesota.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

New Blue Floral Stretchy Bracelet

Today I added the Blue Floral Stretchy Bracelet to my etsy shop. It is very different than my usual jewelry. . Today I was working on taking some new photos of jewelry already posted. I am also glad to say that over the weekend I got up all my Christmas decor, including my tree which took several hours. Hope everyone had a good weekend.

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