Friday, November 14, 2008

hmm....not sure I like being a newbie at things

Well, if I wasn't confused before I am now. Setting up new accounts and attempting to use them can be very stressful. I feel like I have been sitting here at my desk for 10 years, and haven't accomplished anything. I really thought I would never blog, but here I am, and very overwhelmed. Hopefully this will help relieve some stress. If not I guess new experiences are always good. Having all these different accounts online is so new to me. I know I'm young, and should really be into all this stuff but I'm not. I feel like I have been out of touch with everything for so long. I guess not having Internet for five years will do that to you. I guess I have a lot of catching up to do. Usually it comes quick to me hopefully this will too.

Well I guess what has led me to blogging is my etsy shop I keep reading and hearing from everyone that having a blog is a good idea. I guess we will see. I officially fell in love with etsy the day I started It is such a great place, with great support. I absolutely love anything or anyone who supports handmade things. What a great way to express yourself and support others! I'm trying my hardest to encourage my family and friends to visit and support handmade. Its a lot harder than you would think. I guess with the economy and everything everybody is trying to save a buck. I'm sorry but I don't think supporting Wally World is going to help in the long run. I guess I will just attempt to do my part.

Well, I guess this was a good start. I better stop before I get ahead of myself.


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